What inspired us?


Fermentation is a hot topic in the restaurant industry world over. It started with people like Sandor Ellix Katz and David Zilber who probed, read, experimented and documented such processes. It is an intriguing natural process which dates back to the traditional and ancient way of transforming food. This makes us think about our roots; our culture and evolution of food. It is fascinating how we and our guts benefit from fermentation.

The process of fermentation requires patience, attention to detail and a constant connection with your environment. A slight change in the climate or humidity can cause a huge change in your products.

Wild fermentation makes us align ourselves to every moment of the process. It makes us look out for the weather everyday, the temperature and how our cultures react to it. We look out for our cultures, nurture them as we are one big family.

This phenomenon keeps us grounded, brings us peace and reminds us gratitude

“ They're taking coffee and donuts to the next level with their signature Sourdough Bombolonis. What was meant to just be a special request for a client who specifically wanted only sourdough donuts became such a hit that it's now a permanent fixture on their menu and we're delighted! We recommend the Pina Colada or the Cinnamon and Sugar. ”


Ananth Nayak

Co-Founder at Barmbay

Abhilasha Rajan

Co- Founder & Chef at Barmbay

Our Story


Barmbay is a passion project of our fermentation experiments born during this pandemic in May 2020. We evolved from just a blog on Instagram into a home fermentary, and now we have been officially registered as a company! We focus on natural and wild fermentation of food which goes back to the traditional and nutritious way of transforming food ingredients. The beneficial bacteria during this slow fermentation help to maintain a healthy gut-health which increases digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients. We make our breads by hand, following a 18 hour traditional cold fermentation of the dough. By using local, organic ingredients we wish to deliver the best products for our customers.